why Jesus?

Because He’s better.

I follow Jesus because He is better than anything this life has to offer. I have been pursued by, wooed in, won over, and sold out by the grace He offered and love He extends.

I stand in boldness declaring JESUS is BETTER.

And I really want you to have better than all you have right now.

He’s better than every one of my ambitions, better than my goals, better than any person, place or thing, better than a vacation, better than a dream job, better than a nap, better than accolades, better than presents, better than achievement, better than money, better than my friends who make me laugh until my ribs hurt and bring me amazing joy, better than all prophets or saints, and yes, even the charm and distraction of so many other “betters”.
Jesus is better.

But lean in and hear me, because this is really important.

“Better” is not an add-on. Better is not safe. Better is not comfortable.
Better rides on a decision to move away from every false thing you thought might bring happiness, validation, comfort, numbing, praise, popularity, relief or satisfaction…because it won’t.

Reaching for ‘better’ requires a whole-hearted decision to embrace the grace Jesus offers and a full desire to relegate everything else to second, third and fourth best. Better requires embracing God’s Word as Truth, and following Him. Not just believing He was, but knowing He is. Reaching for better is actually embracing THE BEST.

Give it all to Him, open every door to every room inside you and let Him fill it with His grace. Turn to the best. No matter what is pulling you away, I’ll say it again, Jesus is better. I promise.

I can’t promise it’s all going to be good. It’s not.
But following Jesus offers an abundant life full of creativity and diversity, provides you unique gifts and talents, and a dynamic, vibrant relationship with Him.

Jesus offers the very best for you. He is in control, and you can trust Him. Jesus IS better.