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I’m rich!

June 30, 2016

The fullness of God is as free as the air you breathe. (John 17:22)


God does nothing half-hearted, half-done or with partial love. Open your hands and heart to all He’s given you.

faith, gratitude, strength, truth

living as if you believe

April 28, 2016

living as if you believe


The winter season hung weighty like a tired Monday, shivering under heavy sweaters that couldn’t fend off the draft blowing under my door. What does a Jesus-following life look like through a season of bitter Mondays, when your world seems amiss and wrong…frostbite not only stings at exposed skin, but attacks underlying tissues too? Sometimes your best choice is to walk into the whipping wind…and rise in the courage of praise to melt the ice threatening to freeze the soul.

That’s right, you praise God. Praise Him, not to be happy about it, but praise God to become joy-filled in it. A life of praise is a celebration of God’s sovereignty. Praise cements deep-rooted trust to know God’s got it, He’s got you, and He will, in time, upright the bleak arctic wind and breathe out the bright summer sun into your soul again.

When the world gets worked up, stops you cold and freezes you in your tracks…worship like the psalmist David. Dwell in Psalm 34, as he wrote, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.” David didn’t write this Psalm when he had reason to celebrate, he wrote it in a cave against the backdrop of 1 Samuel 21. Not only had he run to save his life when jealousy ignited between David and Saul while serving in King Saul’s court, but he ran straight from one enemy into another’s hand. Escaping that too, David penned these words hiding in the cave of Adullam, abandoned, alone, and confused by people he had trusted. Yet he began from a heart of worship,

“I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.”

Through it all, he lived like He believed.

David’s life was one of triumph, defeat, outrageous joy, fear, depression, loneliness and danger. He sinned, was forgiven, and he worshiped. He ‘sought the Lord and He answered David, God delivered him from all his fears.’ He allowed himself to ‘dance with all his might’…total abandonment, no self-consciousness, holding nothing back. Alive, exposed and accepting all God allowed, David ‘extolled’ the Lord at all times—he bent his heart and his knee to trust his God and live like he believed. God’s grace saw him through.

Those who look to him are radiant…” Psalm 34.5

Stay courageous and watch how God will fill your praise.


gratitude, trust

Can you change your tune?

August 4, 2015




You know what it’s like when you get a song stuck in your head and you keep singing it over and over again? It’s usually one of the most ridiculously annoying songs that you know, right? Well sometimes as women, we allow life to get ourselves stuck in our heads with a continual replay of a ridiculously annoying habit, pattern, attitude or just stinking-thinking.

It’s time to sing a new song.

Ladies, there’s a wonderful Lord, God of Creation, King of all Kings, provider of Peace, Truth, Light and Life who decided He loves you so much He died to save you…save you from yourself, save you from jealousy, save you from pride, save you from comparison, save you from anger, save you from depression, save you from insecurity, save you from addiction. Not just at the end of your life, but your life here and now. Rise up friends and look up! Trust His truth and quit looking horizontally.

It’s time to start speaking LIFE into your own life and others. Quit lamenting. Quit blaming. Quit finger pointing. The Gospel is the good news that Jesus saves. Take your eyes off yourself. Head up, chin up, and BLESS the Lord…

With everything in you, and all that you are, bless His Holy name!
Don’t forget all the good things He does for you.

What are those?
He forgives all your sins.
He heals your diseases,
He redeems you from death,

He crowns you…yes, He crowns you…with love and tender mercies.
He fills your life with good things.
He renews you.
He provides righteousness and justice when you’re treated unfairly.

He is compassionate and merciful.
He’s slow to anger and is filled with unfailing love.
He does not remain angry, nor continually accuses,
He doesn’t punish you for all the wrong things you’ve done.

His unfailing love is as great as the height of the heavens above the earth…when you allow Him His rightful place. Bless Him, praise Him…there’s nothing, no one like Him so yes…He is deserving of that praise.

He makes the heavens His throne and rules there over everything, yet He’s a father to His children, tender and compassionate.

So stand up and wake up! It’s time to change. Sing a new song to the Lord, for He has done marvelous things. There’s a world that needs to hear your NEW song– and may it speak life and bless the Lord!

faith, gratitude


April 20, 2014

It’s Sunday.

Just as the new light blankets the world with the mist that hangs low, wanting to cling to the earth, letting her feel and breathe in its presence, so grace descends from heaven and submerges it in a new love.

Hosanna! the angels cry. Hosanna! we too can shout. Easter morning…wake up and wipe your tears Jerusalem, for you had no idea what’s waiting for you today. Your Saturday is gone.

Hosanna  Praise, Adoration, JOY, Salvation.

A new hope, a future…the greatest rescue plan ever enacted, Hosanna!

What began as a plea of desperation in the Old Testament Hebrew phrase hoshiya na, in Psalm 118:25… “Save us, we pray” was answered by God almost immediately. Hoshiya na changed quickly to a cry of hope. Woven into the Greek language through the change of a few letters, hosanna became the cry as believers spotted the rescuer in the New Testament…not help! save me without hope, but rather help! here I am, you’ve come for me, pick me up

…salvation at the point of dire need was indeed on His way.

So we dared not change the word Hosanna  in the English language…our words could not sum up all of Jesus so succinctly, with such adoration and praise to the rescuer who is here.

Hosanna! Salvation stepped out of the tomb and left darkness behind. A new hope, wrapped in love and grace.


gratitude, hope, strength

“In the morning Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”  Psalm 5.3 …

December 28, 2013

“In the morning Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”  Psalm 5.3

As you look to set the refresh button on a new year, consider this: your God is waiting to hear your voice every morning. Put aside new resolutions, simply recognize His presence in your every day life. Every morning He refreshes as He hears your voice and listens to you.

Open your eyes, stretch out your arms, breathe in your day and thank God for His presence. Then lay your requests before Him and trust that His promises are true…He hears you.

“Look up” in the morning and you’ll discover a most Loving God looking down in favor on the rest of your day. Wait expectantly for His voice. He is listening. Now, are you?

His grace is sufficient for every day. Wake up, make space and talk to Him. Let mercy and His grace envelope your day.

gratitude, hope

waking up again

May 24, 2013

waking up again

This cyclical life, it all keeps going. Seasons unfold, we move forward, and again breathe sweet air.

I step out to savor the perfume of another season and celebrate barren branches of winter burgeoning with color. 


I said good-bye to my dad in winter.

Not with regret nor celebration, but with the mysterious gratitude of having experienced a season of humanness complete its cycle. I thought I would be afraid of death, intimidated of being in the same room. I discovered I am not and I honor the gift of having being present in my father’s last days.

We both verbalized memories that bound heartstrings, paid homage to the sinews that fastened our family. And then…when all words of substance were spoken, his life snuck from his body in the minutes I stepped from his bedside. He entered a new season in the presence of Jesus.

And I stopped writing.

This was not a decision, nor any deliberation. I simply stopped. Like hollow echoes of empty rooms, my words reverberated inside and stayed there for the remainder of winter.

But this cyclical life, it all keeps going. Gray cloud cover gives way to blue skies, warmer breezes replace harsh wind, buds form in the apex of twigs, pushing forth to become future branches. Words flow again through my fingers.


I never knew I had been writing for him. Until I stopped. 

I was writing to inspire and encourage women, to point them to Jesus, to fuel them in the confidence of who He created them to be. But the cold emptiness of the season actually revealed: I was writing for my dad. When his eyes closed forever and my words would not be read by him, my fingers stopped.

It was my dad who encouraged me to write. This is where our hearts met. He loved the written word, and I loved the expression. So in his latter years as his heart met grace and received mercy in Jesus, I began writing for women…in gratitude and affirmation to my dad.

So today in gratitude, spring sings again:

Write…for women who need to know there’s a Father who loves them. Write…for women who don’t have an earthly dad to encourage them. Write…for the confidence you received, not only from your heavenly Father, but from your earthly father too.

Write…because of your Father.