Who am I?

Not Grace. Nor Graceful. But Grace-filled.

I am Kathryn, Kathy to many, Kath to more, Kat to some.

Kathryn CraigI am a leader, creator, instigator, strategizer, idea-dreamer, maximizer, corporate communications manager and follower of Jesus. Wife, mom of three, and have [thus far] waded through toddlers, middle schoolers, teens, sons, a daughter, Down syndrome, and am now in the midst of college tuition.

I am crazy-passionate about God and His Word, fueled on prayer and coffee.

I am [finally] and obediently stepping closer to my calling and leading people towards the grace and mercy found in Christ. I serve in ministry at Overflow Church…still blown away by what God asks sometimes. It has taken me some serious prayer and angst to come to grips with publicly acknowledging…I am pastor and shepherd too.

It’s by grace I am saved, it’s by grace I am moved. Surely not worthy.

  1. TRUTH: I stand unashamed of Truth in Scripture and my ministry will be known as one that boldly lives, celebrates and shares the truth found in Scripture.
  2. CREATIVITY: Made in the image of the Creator, life and ministry is one that will reflect inspiration, imagination and innovation.
  3. RISK: I will not live fearing mistakes, but embrace opportunities as the Holy Spirit leads and guides.
  4. AUTHENTICY:  I must remain transparent and “real” with others, and humbly invite accountability always, at all costs.
  5. UNITY IN DIVERSITY: I seek unity through diversity, and will navigate conflict with love, accept tension with grace, and actively pursue unity beyond culture, class, race or frame of reference.
  6. LEADERSHIP:  I seek potential in others, pouring time and trust into people for future growth of leadership in work, ministry and the church.
  7. DISCIPLESHIP: Growth in life, faith and holiness is the result of intentional discipleship and I proactively invest in others to encourage and support their journeys in Christ, as well as seek others to disciple me.
  8. EXCELLENCE: I bring my very best to God, for His glory and my good. I will not settle for half-hearted attempts for God or life.
  9. ABIDING:  Everything I do grows out of a personal dependence and passion for Jesus Christ, and I intentionally and purposefully remain connected to Him.
  10. SACRIFICE:  My time, talent and treasure is joyfully sacrificed to please and honor God, disciple others and reach those who don’t know Him.